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  ISTD Require Taxpayer Accounts for Electronic Refunding  
  The Income and Sales Tax Department (ISTD) stated that it requested its taxpayers to provide their bank accounts to enable the ISTD to transfer any refunds to the taxpayer’s bank account. This would save time and effort of the taxpayers rather than showing up at the Department’s offices to receive the check in person and then go to their banks to cash or deposit it in their bank account. Earlier, the ISTD requested the taxpayers to update their contact information, including their International Bank Account Number (IBAN), so that the Department can transfer their refunds to their bank accounts directly.

To this end, the ISTD call on all taxpayers to get a username and password from the nearest ISTD office to be able to file their returns electronically and benefit from several other electronic services. Furthermore, the ISTD requested all ministers and public institutions, as well as the private sector companies to provide the Department with lists of full names and national ID numbers of their staff in order to issue them a username and password. The Department also asked for nominating a liaison officer at these entities to receive the username/password slips to be handed to each employee at their workplace. The ISTD indicated that it is stand-ready to hold introductory workshops on tax e-services such as filing and other services. Mousa Tarawneh, Spokesperson, Income and Sales Tax Department
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