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Income and Sales Tax Department launched the program for e-government at the beginning of 2005, This is the first e-government program to be implemented in government departments in the kingdom, with a view to provide high-quality services lead to saving time and effort on the citizen and the employee so that citizens without access to the service department , and whatever the location, whether inside or outside Jordan, since this service is available round the clock and throughout the day of the year because the citizen can access the service on holidays. The use of these programs during the past year to alleviate the burden of the use of paper and stationery. The department aims at reducing the expense of sending sheets of tax returns to taxpayers each year. In addition to the ease of electronic tax filing and protection of paper files, which may suffer damage as a result of exposure to the elements that may be damaged or torn. Moreover, manual storage has become expensive due to the increase in the number of files over the years. Electronic filling has led to the easy retrieval of information, which made it possible to browse the pages of information and file electronically without the need to refer to file paperwork by linking e-government system to an electronic archiving system. The program has provided service for electronic payment of outstanding balances provided the appropriate speed in the delivery of information to show immediate results of the service required and in record time. It is noteworthy that this program needs to be participation from the citizen because all transactions of e-government deal in complete secrecy and made available to any person or entity access to its contents, with the signing of Service Agreements for the protection of sites and the confidentiality of information with the competent international bodies. The e-government program, carried out by the Department in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology provides many services highlighted by the disclosure of self-esteem, which includes employees, individuals, corporations and companies. Taxpayers can also obtain a statement of estimated fiscal years and the amount of balances due and payable. Taxpayers also have the ability to update and amend the personal information, address, business address and mailing address. They also can claim tax exemptions such as spouse or parents, study and other exemptions. The department website provides in addition to immediate online-help in addition to all new laws and regulations, procedures and other feed in both Arabic and English. The Department has included a comprehensive promotional campaign to hold free training sessions for a number of companies and officers, field visits and participation in exhibitions held in the Kingdom. The Department asks taxpayers to take advantage of these free training sessions in the area of e-government awareness of the tax.

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