National goals The following are the national objectives that the department seeks to contribute to achieving: - Improving the overall financial position of the Treasury. Support the national economy and achieve comprehensive economic and social development. To develop and raise the efficiency and effectiveness of public sector performance and to instill a culture of excellence in it by improving the management of resources in the public sector and improving their organization. This includes the management of government performance, improving the quality of government services, structuring the government apparatus, managing human resources, managing financial resources, developing internal control mechanisms in the government apparatus, and managing communication through the development of the comprehensive e-government strategy to encourage and facilitate electronic transactions for all to achieve further progress. In the communications sector

Achieving national goals can only be achieved through the formulation of a set of institutional objectives that, if pursued by the institution, the achievement and achievement of national goals becomes an inevitable result and a reality in order to achieve tax reform consistent with the advanced world levels. :
. Increase the tax liability of each taxpayer by raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the management of the tax system.
2. Increase the responsiveness of voluntary taxpayers through the development of tax awareness and the provision of high quality and transparent tax services.
 3 . Develop the capabilities and competencies of the staff and the spirit of one team, initiative and self-motivation.
 4. Raising the efficiency of managing the operations of the department through providing them with modern and efficient information technology 5. Develop a financial resource that will provide the public treasury with the income necessary to enable it to exercise its functions.
Strategic Objectives


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