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The purpose of creating an electronic window is to increase communication between ISTD and its clients. It provides an integrated updated knowledge system about the necessary tax procedures. We are proud to be the pioneers to provide E - government services throughout the country. ISTD renders a full package of electronic services for the taxpayers. It has started providing its services since 2005 through its site. We will work hard to cover all other services to enable taxpayers to access our services electronically instead of coming to the department personally.


We appreciate your cooperation and voluntary commitment with the department for enhancing the revenue that enables the government to provide services and develop the community economically and socially.


ISTD abides to provide the best tax services. It also abides to give the rights to the taxpayers stipulated by law. We consider that the taxpayers are our partners in the national economy.


The commitment stated by law includes that each taxpayer should submit tax returns correctly on time, and should pay the due tax on specified time stipulated by law. In order to help you; laws, regulations, instructions and forms are provided according to last law amendments. In addition, many frequently repeated questions and answers are available.


Advanced and developed societies are interested in knowledge; hence the department is working to provide all the necessary tax information to the taxpayers. It seeks to disseminate the tax awareness in order to achieve its strategic objectives and to make the information available in the appropriate way and at the right time.


One of the priorities of the department management is the cooperation and coordination with you, besides; creation mutual confidence between us. We hope this relationship is to be continued in order to serve the country. We will make our efforts to achieve it by performing our duties (employees and citizens) and to obtain your rights guaranteed by the law.


Dear Taxpayers, do not hesitate to ask for help or inquiry about any unclear point for you. You can send an e-mail or contact the call center or any other available means. Noting that, the electronic site includes all the services, information, news and activities that concern you.


As a tax management, our commitment of your rights in one side, and your commitment to your obligations in the other side, is the sure guarantee to achieve justice which is our ultimate goal.



Hussam Abu Ali  

General Director

Income and Sales Tax Department

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